Property Management

We provide secure, trusted and complex management for both vacant and occupied prime properties.

Property Management

We provide secure, trusted and complex management for both vacant and occupied prime properties.

Vacant Property Care

Regular servicing and maintenance ensure your vacant property remains in perfect condition.

Knowing that your property is in safe hands, even when you are not in residence, gives you peace of mind. With regular inspections and a team on hand to quickly address any reported issues we mitigate any potential risk, maintain statutory compliance and ensure your property is ready for occupation when required to the standard you expect.

Our service includes overseeing any emergency works to ensure the protection of the property, while diligent monitoring of utility and service providers guarantees efficient and accurate billing.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on your property is the proactive way to avoid any unexpected complications.

Unplanned emergency works are disruptive for you and for your neighbours, as well as introducing unnecessary expenses. Preventative maintenance management undertaken on a vacant property represents a fraction of the cost of reactive repairs and ensures smooth operations when the residence is in use.

Our team will assess your property and schedule required servicing, including any needed for specialised systems, as well as identify areas that might need regular care to avoid emergency works in the future.

Occupied Management

Responsive management ensures a well-maintained property for semi-permanent or permanent occupation.

Co-ordinating and supervising properties is a time-consuming process, and owners require a tailored and discreet, full-service offer. We ensure that the management, maintenance, security and household services associated with super-prime property ownership run smoothly.

Tenanted Property Management

Tenanting a property should be an efficient and frictionless process. Dalham overseas all the logistics and maintenance required by tenants and appointed leasing agents, while protecting your investment.

Dealing with the day-to-day issues related to letting agents and prospective tenants, we resolve matters swiftly and professionally — and ensuring that your property is always serviced to the highest standard during and after tenancies.


Our experienced team offers expert advice on how to prepare a property for a tenancy, and can assess the furnishing and maintenance requirements to ensure you get the best return on your investment. We work with the capital’s leading lettings agencies and, where necessary, interior designers, furniture suppliers and home renovation contractors, to oversee the process and ensure the relevant pre-tenancy works are carried out.


Once a property is tenanted, Dalham acts as the landlord’s representative, dealing with all tenant, building and lettings communication to ensure against any unnecessary disturbance. Our bill management services and maintenance, both preventative and reactive, protect your property and safeguard you from any overdue financial, legal and regulatory demands.